Thursday, March 13, 2014

February Happenings

I think the goal here is to kind of get "caught up" on the blog, then try to get back to keeping track of our day to day goings on....

I taught Kody how to use my SLR, and he's getting pretty good!  I showed him how to focus the red square on the person's eye..and push the shutter button down half way to get the focus, then take the picture.  here are a few of his:

excuse this awesome picture.  It was early on a saturday morning.  but Kody did a great job.  Look at that depth of field!

In february we took a quick trip up mount diablo to rock city.  The kids had a great time hiking around.  I think i nearly had a heart attack a few times.  I have several friends who have fallen off cliffs up there and broken legs (or worse).  But we all made it down in one piece...

Ortho appointments.  How did people entertain kids pre iPhone?  Kody can take pictures of himself all day long.

Papa went to Ghana, and came back with some pretty cool duds!

Oh, this was horrible.  a neighbor's dog got into the back yard and ate all of my chickens (well...8 of them.  one flew to safety in a tree...).  It was a horrible scene.  We have since replaced the chickens and are in full-blown-egg-production-mode.

Little Aud sleeping.

Little Aud sitting on a frog at the zoo.  

Kody got to bring his preschool bear home (pictured on the left).  this is the bear that parker got to bring home a few years ago and a dog attacked (and ruined), so we had to go to build a bear and buy a new kind-of-look-alike bear to donate to the class.  Our build a bear bear is still in operation.  Also pictured is Kody's BFF "Duffy the Disney Bear".  

Argh.  These things happen way too often.  Note to self:  Don't leave Kody, Audrey and an open bottle of ketchup alone in a room for 2 minutes.  

haha...the boys were supposed to collect germs to grown in these petri dishes.  Brady collected germs from Parker, but no where else....and we left the other dishes sit empty for a week.  The only place germs DIDN'T grow are the parker dishes.  hmmmmm....

This is Kody and Audrey wishing you a happy valentine's day.

More Rock City.  I'm just getting a bit lazy now.  

Kody's pants after being at rock city for 10 minutes.  

Cute little cousins.  

Trip to fro yo.  

is kody kissing me or sucking on my cheekbone?

Aud dancing and eating hot dogs at the playground.

Dustin circa 1835.

The only way i can get her to sit in the cart these days.  mini m&ms.

Epic nerf gun battle in the park with Carson's baseball team.

Audrey and Crew watching Frozen with uncle. 

Kody and the ski goggles.  

The kids at a dessert auction.  They kept getting papa to give them money and they kept buying up all the desserts.  They were in heaven.  

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Amy Makechnie said...

Hi - I just had to say that the ketchup picture made my day :) And I'm glad you took a photo and can laugh at it! Also, the chicken scene...that was us last summer! It was so horrible and traumatizing I wouldn't raise them again for two years. But now we have them again and I pray the weasel doesn't get to them again! Have a great week :)