Tuesday, October 8, 2013

i think i forgot how to blog.

it seriously took me a while to figure out how to sign in and post.  so instead of coming up with some original content, i thought i'd repost something my mom posted on her blog a few years ago.  It's a blog all about me....and i'm reposting it for a few reasons:  1.) there is some blog-movement week going on where you're supposed to get in pictures with your kids, so your kids can someday see you in front of the camera, instead of always behind.  So this kinda works for that....though i should still take some pictures of me and my kids together.  2.)  I thought it was funny the similarities between Audrey and myself at her age.  3.) wanted these pictures in my 2013 blog book.  and there you have it.  So here it is, straight up copied.  and i know my mom wont mind, cause she's my mom.

and for some reason when i pasted it, it turned blue and wont un-blue itself.  so....whatever.

just a few more old pictures remembering how happy we were to have Kendra join our family!

January 1977...Karl was so happy to be a big brother!

Kendra and Dad with Grampa Nieman in Santa Cruz.

From my (practically nonexistent) journal...July 18, 1977... Kendra started sitting up and creeping forward on her arms...She got her first tooth last week...Today she has started getting up on her knees and rocking.
...Sept 21...Kendra is trying to walk....Oct 24...Kendra is really walking now! (9 1/2 months)...

Kendra's early love of piano...

December 4...Kendra is cutting her two top teeth...and CLIMBING up everything...on Karl's desk...and up the back of the rocking chair. (Audrey is also a climber...)

Kendra (age 1) with Karl and Peanut

Kendra got a little orange plastic slide for Christmas...she spends hours climbing up the two steps, sliding down and clapping her hands when she gets to the bottom... (just chiming in here...Audrey spends hours and hours climbing up her slide and sliding down too)

..December 27, 1978...Kendra is trying to undress herself... I hear her saying, "Off clothes, off shirt, off plastic pants!" (She sounds a bit like Harry Potter)

Kendra calls the Busch's "Mommy Busch" and "Daddy Busch"... Karl was friends with Michael Busch and Marcy Busch loved playing with Kendra.
...with Grandpa Gil, reading Harry the Dirty Dog...

Jan 9, 1978 (Kendra's 1st birthday)...Kendra has a really strong spirit...she doesn't give in easily...will only sleep when she wants, eat what she wants, wear what she wants...
Hmmm....guess we shouldn't wonder at the strong spirits of Brady, Carson, Parker and Kody!!

Jan 18, 1978...Kendra gets my finger and pulls me to what she wants...the cupboard for a graham cracker, the sink for a drink of water, the refrigerator for a popsicle, the light switch so she can practice turning it on and off...she says "dah" for dog, "baba" for bottle and sometimes manages a "daddy" or "mama"... (audrey does all these things too...especially the light switch turn on / off thing)

Jan 27, 1978...Kendra likes to brush her teeth with me - she even leans over the sink and gives a little "spit" sound when appropriate...she likes to play pick-a-boo, ring around the rosy, pat-a-cake and go down her slide. (Audrey loves brushing her teeth with me too).

Jun 4, 1978
....Kendra(17 months) says a lot now..."horse, hot, house, dog, ball, cat, clock, cake, cookie, shoe, bye-bye, hat, hi, bike, outside, mama, daddy, rock, water, fish, ice, cow, airplane"...she does sounds for a lot of animals, knows all the parts of her body, all her colors and most of the alphabet! She smacks her lips for strawberries or anything yummy!

Did I ever worry about Kendra falling into the big concrete hole in our backyard..the pool was like this for three years before it was finished!

Dec 30...Kendra was riding her bike on the sidewalk when she saw Mr. Johnson's garbage can sitting on the curb (this was in the days when we still used metal cans)...she got off her bike and ran excitedly towards the can shouting, "Oscar, Oscar"....

Jan 6, 1979...Kendra eating ice cream..."Um...Dee..ish..us"...I thought it was pretty good vocabulary for a two year old...

Jan 17, 1979...
Kendra(age 2) heard me talking to mom (Grandma Janiece) on the phone and started saying "I go to San Ta A (San Jose) see Niecie??" I thought it was amazing she knew where Grandma lived...early signs of that good sense of geography that her boys have inherited!

dance career...

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The Hungry Bookworm said...

Oh, yes....I often see echoes of you in the delightful antics of sweet Audrey...the picture at the piano...so much like Audrey...and the busy determination of you from babyhood on...and the strong will...I NEVER won a battle with you...at 2 1/2 Dad would ask (regarding your current tantrum)...is it her "time of the month"?